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Marisa Ryan: Radio Personality, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor

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A few years back, I was driving home from work on a Sunday night and tuned into a popular radio show called Angels In Waiting. A host of psychics would give live “on the air” readings to callers about their loved ones who passed on to the other side. I have always been fascinated with this and yet of course, skeptical…and the more I listened to the clear confirmations from the listeners as they were making contact with their loved ones on the other side, my interest grew.

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The psychics didn’t say things that everyone could identify with. Personal and intimate things that only that person would know had unfolded. I had to have a reading. I needed closure in my life to know that my loved ones are living in spirit and are okay.

The psychic that stood out to me the most was Marisa Ryan because she was right on target, has a nice personality and is serious about helping people with her gift. I called and made my “over the phone” reading appointment with her.

MY DAY came and I was so excited. Marisa Ryan called me exactly at the time and day she scheduled, not one minute before or after. Marisa connected with my loved ones on the other side and said things that only myself and the other people could ever know. She even clearly stated where I was sitting, what my surroundings were, and that my friend who passed on said to tell me about the boss who had said something negative to me earlier, to just ignore him. It was such a wonderful experience to make closure and be reassured that they were all fine…It’s true! there really IS conact! I felt a release of grief that I was carrying for years and was able to live freely without question, making my dreams come true.

Marisa Ryan performs in person and on the phone readings about our loved ones that have crossed over as well as makes contact with our personal spirit guides to help us get clear on our path and perhaps make better decisions about our life’s direction.

Marisa Ryan is the Founder of The Awareness Institute in Corona, California. Her clients range from every age, across the world and even well known celebrities. Her personality is chearful, serious and confident with a strong intention to help people with their lives.

Marisa Ryan is the host of her own radio show Spirit Talk Radio that you can listen to a demo of online and she is in the middle of writing a book. Soon you will be able to watch video clips on her new web sites.

Marisa Ryan is an amazing woman that has helped thousands of people reconnect with loved ones that have crossed to the other side as well as commincates excellent advice from our personal spirits, giving us a more clear direction. You will know.

Visit one of her web sites at and call her at 951-371-4448 and get the help you deserve! I can only speak from my own experience as well as from her clients’ testimonials, Maris Ryan is your spiritual advisor!

Tip: When you have your reading with Marisa and she communicates with you, validate when she is correct. Some times you might not understand a picture of what your loved one is trying to convey to you and it’s okay but hang on to it because you will get the message later on!

Tell Marisa that Deanna Cross from Biz Wax sent you!


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